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They have dedicated their lives to their own awakening and to assisting others on their journey. They are world class healers, each with their own style, gifts, and specialties. They assist in teaching classes, leading pods during the intensive training’s, provide additional support for students, and offer private sessions at a significantly discounted rate. Many of them have their own private practices. Joining Spiritual Acceleration has been a home-coming experience for these light beings – they have created a community of collaboration, support, and a shared drive to dive deep and activate. They are incredibly gifted healers who are capable of addressing any issue that may be presenting for you.


Sophianada is a potent healer and catalyst for transformation. She is poignantly aligned with the frequency of Love as the healing force, and is dedicated to helping all those who are seeking permanent freedom from self-limiting patterns, beliefs and behaviours. She has a particular expertise in working with sexual wounding and the embodiment of the Divine Feminine/Masculine. With fearless presence and depth of empathy and compassion, she gently supports you in releasing and dissolving these dense life-defying energies. As a long-time spiritual deep-diver who is adept at holding a loving and safe container, she creates sacred space for the depths of your pain, core wounding and trauma to unwind. Because she has herself bravely encountered the core of her shame, fear, and darkness, and mastered an ability to surrender into the unknown, she is able to fly with you to the depths of your being and guide you through whatever may arise there.

Sophianada has trained and served extensively in a diverse range of healing arts over the past 30+ years, both internationally and in the USA. She is a Certified Tantra Educator, Registered Counselor (UK), Certified Sound Healer and Voice Alchemist, Shamanic Energy Worker,, and a practitioner of Conscious Communication (NVC). Her work is a rich and unique alchemy of personal experience and professional expertise.

Sophianada’s comprehensive skill as a multi-faceted healer is a direct result of a life-long journey of her own dedicated self- healing on spiritual, sexual and emotional levels. Her depth of insight and capacity to work with trauma is unique in that she herself has suffered and healed from an extremely traumatic childhood which included neglect, rape, and emotional and sexual abuse. The psychological wounds of her childhood trauma manifested in early adulthood as alcohol addiction and severe suicidal depression. Currently, Sophianada feels a deep sense of inner peace. She is an ecstatic dancer, a singer, meditator, yogini, and lover of Nature, enjoying a life of full expression, authenticity and love. Her home is on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii, where she has a thriving private practice supporting women, men, couples and small groups offering sacred sexuality training, energy medicine, sound healing and conscious nature retreats.

When you work with Sophianada, she will gently hold you in a container of unconditional love and safety, and truly celebrate you as the divine being you are. Working with her is a game changer – your life will be positively changed after one session. If you are suffering from any sort of past trauma, shame, guilt, sexual abuse, codependency, addictions, disempowerment, grief, limiting conditioning, or any patterns that are keeping you stuck and less than happy and peaceful in any way, Sophianada would be honored to work with you.

“Out Beyond ideas of right and wrong, there is a field – I’ll meet you there.”


Welcome to the healing temple of your heart. When we work together, you’ll feel a sense of being deeply held in a container of safety and love. I will gently guide you, and journey alongside you to possibly difficult or scary places as we dive deep together. Layer by layer false pathways will dissolve and you will come to live and relate from your pristine Truth of deep peace, Love and Light. Welcome Home.

What is Tantra Coaching?

Tantra Coaching is a melding of eastern meditation and tantric practices, as well as psychology insights into a session – or a series of sessions – to aid couples and individuals in achieving the levels of love, intimacy, sexual fulfillment and healing that they desire. Each couple will learn the pieces most needed for the successful blossoming of their relationship. Individuals will be able to gain insights into their limiting beliefs and learn spiritual insights and practices that will make them fall in love with themselves completely, which in turn will make attracting a fitting partner effortless, if they so choose.

While the word ‘Tantra’ is commonly used today, its meaning is as varied as the people who use it (for a fuller explanation, read the section entitled ‘What is Tantra?’). In a nutshell, ‘Tantra’ is learning the art of using all of life, including our sexual energy, as a path to love of self, love of others, love of all of life. It is a path to the Sacred. On a purely practical level, it would be true to say that Niyaso simply helps people with their sex lives.

You might even call her a sex therapist, as her work often involves helping people with some of the practical questions or difficulties that can arise with sex, listening to what concerns them and teaching them about the graphic details surrounding these issues. What’s more important to her though is that she teaches people how to use the difficulties and joys that arise in their sexual and intimate relating as doorways to deepen the love between them, and so also deepen their understanding and care for themselves, and their connection to the divine. As a general guide, sessions may include:

  • Energy exercises (understanding and opening energy flow)
  • Breathing exercises
  • Centering meditations
  • Active listening
  • ‘No blame’ communication
  • Tantric exercises
  • Learning about the dynamics of yin and yang
  • Learning how to stay in your power and inner truth while relating
  • Understanding your emotional patterns in relationship
  • Information about sexual issues
  • Learning how to open your body
  • Understanding the interplay of emotions and sexuality
  • Problem solving for difficulties

To learn more about what Tantra Coaching and tantric sex sessions for couples and for individuals involve, read on, or contact us at: Email: [email protected] Toll Free US: 1 800 688-1715International: 808 572-2234   

jewels wingfield

With over 30 years experience supporting thousands of people to make profound shifts in their lives, Jewels brings a rare wealth of experience, wisdom and skills. Because of this, she is able to meet the wild edges of transformation both personally and collectively – she knows the landscapes that lie on the other side of such a shift.

“I felt in such safe hands, thank you. The treat of seeing your wise insightful healing input in the medicine circle was just beautiful. I can only glimpse what it takes for you to hold us in love and care and be willing to take risks.” Hannah, Thresholds workshop 2017

“Everything I ever attended of yours spoke deep truths” Abigael Totty

“I enjoy working with the edges of life and the aliveness of the places in us we fear to meet. I am devoted to bringing these places out of exile and back into the realm of love. I have been a spiritual seeker since childhood and asked those deep questions about life: why we are here. Since I was a small child I have been a seer and I have developed this ability over my life in supporting others to get to the heart of their blocks and move through them. I passionately believe that our own personal journey is the most powerful gift we can bring to others. This is the foundation from which I facilitate my work as it continues to grow.” Jewels Wingfield

“I and my partner Mark run the year-round program together and tend the land and the daily runnings of EarthHeart. As well as this I have an amazing team that hold a strong field of transformational energy. My teachings are guided by the natural world along with feminine intuition and a wealth of experience and studying. I have also been inspired and supported for over 25 years by many teachers along the way. I have received from each a piece of the tapestry to my own evolution and guidance on how to live more as sacred respectful beings on earth in alignment with the biggest clearest love.” Jewels Wingfield

Jewels’ work is now coming of age and is deeper and more transformational than ever. Her past draws on a rich tapestry of wisdom, threads gathered through a long life journey which include:

  • earth-based indigenous spirituality
  • sacred ecology
  • conscious relationship and sacred sexuality
  • grief and gratitude work
  • ancient womb wisdom teachings
  • somatic movement
  • meditation practice
  • drama therapy