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808 283 3880

Maui Hawaii Tantra Love and Intimacy

Transforming Your Life


Body, Heart & Soul Adventures

Sacred Divine Union


Private Sessions and Retreats

Sessions offered In Person and by Skype you wish for:

* More Intimacy & Heart Connection

* Better Communication & Understanding

* To Feel More Excitement, Passion and Love for yourself and others

* Less Routine Lovemaking

...or perhaps you are completely happy with your relationship and are simply curious about what tantra really is...

I am here to assist and serve you in whatever way you may need and want. Each session is completely unique depending on what your needs and desires are as a couple relating, and also as two individuals with their own personal needs. At the start of your session, we will likely spend 10 to 15 minutes exploring this. We'll then go forward with the hands-on experiential practices.

My sessions are always completely private, confidential and respectful of couples' boundaries, and at the same time I bring my genuine warmth and loving, compassionate nature and expertise to you. I work primarily in a facilitation role with you both, meaning that I am aiming to help you learn skills to deepen intimacy in your connection, your life together and your love-making through experiencing the practices and teachings. As a part of my guidance, I may demonstrate a particular touch or technique with one or the other of you, so that you can then explore and practice new ways of being with each other. We work within the 'sacred space' which offers the healing container for each person to feel a deep level of safety and comfort that invites your being to relax and open. 

In this heartful, intimate and relaxed atmosphere, the heart, body and mind open to explore new, more satisfying ways of being. I will introduce you to powerful tantra practices such as eye-gazing, breathing together, active listening and 'no blame' communication, sacred touch and massage, the power of presence, sacred-spot healing and the importance of creating your own sacred space to honor and nurture your relationship. In just a two-hour session, you will leave with a great 'tool-kit' which you can put to instant use, and with definite clarity about how to use your tantric-tool-kit effectively to keep your relationship nourished and flourishing.

I'm happy to talk with you and answer any questions - give me a call on 808 283 3880.

Before an actual session takes place, I do request to speak to both of you.

Most Couple sessions go from 2 hours and upward and the donation is $250 per hour.

1 hour or 1.5 hours is also possible - my commitment to you is that the session be meaningful and worthwhile, and something you can take forward and incorporate in a real way in your lives to enhance and enliven your relationship and your lives. I will be happy to help you decide on what is best for you when we talk about your needs and desires.  

Sessions via Skype

I also offer sessions via Skype. These on- line sessions go forward in a similar way to the in-person sessions. We create the energetic 'sacred space' within which the maximum levels of relaxation and sense of safety are reached, which then naturally invites the body, heart and mind to open to the exciting exploration of new ways of being and relating.


"...I can't say enough about what a transformative experience this was for my wife and myself. Our marriage of 15 years was falling apart. I had failed as a husband in understanding the basic needs for my wife and during a marriage counseling session prior to seeing Sophia, I came to understand that I had no clue what real intimacy was. I started to search for answers. That's when I found Sophia. ....there was something in her words and eyes that made me feel safe with her. There was just something about the way she spoke to my heart with her written words....From the first hug to the last I have never felt more safe, loved, honored. Greeting us with open arms and her amazing open heart, we dove in to our 5 day more...

 My partner and I were introduced to tantra with Sophia and we couldn't have asked for a better person to open the door to this new world of deep love and connection. We hold this experience very dearly as one of the highlights of our time in Maui and as one which opened the door to a new deepening in our relationship. Sophia so palpably, deeply cared about our journey, both individually and as a couple. She was a terrific listener, very caring and insightful. We felt safe and held with her throughout, and came out feeling more in touch with ourselves and with each other. ..."

Michelle Goldfarb and Partner USA 

"......The experience of working with Sophia Jewel with my partner was truly beautiful. She showed us helpful techniques for freeing energy blockages and feeling our inner expansiveness. We learned practices that were eye-opening and incredibly empowering. As a woman, I felt completely comfortable in Jewel's capable hands. She was Isis, Bugal, Kuan-Yin, the Earth Mother – all in a beautiful human woman form. We were both so comfortable and safe in her wise and loving presence. Thank you for this precious, gorgeous gift you have given us. Blessed Be". E and M.....

"After 30 years of being married we had fallen into negative patterns which were difficult to break out of. Sophia showed us how to move beyond the negativity we were so stuck in, by learning to connect with each other in a whole new way. The tantra practices we did with Sophia’s guidance and sometimes demonstration, has left us feeling more connected and closer with each other, and more intimate which is what we really wanted. Sophia is warm and friendly, and also an expert at what she teaches. We are extremely happy with our session and are coming back for another session in a couple of days. "

Trudy and Paul Ridges,


"My husband and I had a couple of sessions with Sophia to rekindle intimacy that had waned over 25+ years of marriage. We had never done anything quite like this before so were a bit apprehensive. Sophia's warmth, openness and ability to create trust is a truly special trait and it allowed us to explore new territory with each other in a way that was fun and easy.

 She practices her craft with professionalism but also with a level of care that is tangible. She travels with you on your journey of discovery. I have no reservations about recommending her services."

Cindy Young, Vancouver

"...I want to thank you again for your warmth, caring and professionalism.

Love and aloha, C.."

"....We met with Sophia on a recent trip to Maui to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary. Sophia facilitated a blissful time of connection for the two of us, and created an expansive experience where time did not seem to exist.

 The first day we spent learning and experiencing tantric practices which profoundly opened up deeper closeness and intimacy for us. The second day we also chose the option Sophia offers to be guided on a full day secluded nature journey…including hiking to secret grottos, healing pools and skinny dipping! This sacred nature journey was a continuation and deepening of our tantric retreat.

We swam, naked and free under waterfalls, guided by Sophia in releasing fears and trauma we were holding back, freeing our voices and making declarations about our past, our future and our now. Sophia led us in a renewal of our wedding vows at another sacred pool in the middle of the forest. What an incredible moment and memory.

Our retreat was a profound experience, and has transformed who we are today. Where we were once most notably identified by our careers (business executive and teacher) we are now more often noticed by our sense of curiosity and spirit of peace.

Sophia is highly skilled, with kind, compassionate eyes and a deep soul. We began to trust her almost instantly. We shared two unforgettable days with Sophia, where we learned to connect on a deeper level with ourselves, each other and the passionate, living, breathing expression of nature that is Hawaii.

 We returned to Canada, with a renewed inspiration to create a sacred space in our home, a to continue and maintain and build our love together.

Thank-you Sophia.

Love Travis & Veronica Belle


Please call me or email me with any questions, or to make an appointment.

808 283 3880