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Body, Heart & Soul Adventures

Double Goddess Sessions


Goddess Saffire                 and                    Goddess Jewel

Imagine these two Gorgeous, luscious ,Goddesses with four tenderly-loving hands and bodies loving and tantalizing your body, heart and soul into Pure Tantric Bliss!! 

  This is a beautiful and sacred gift and an unforgettable experience to have two sexy, unbelievably sensual Divine goddesses sharing their wonderful Shakti both with each other and with YOU!!

Diving Deep into the waters of Ecstasy, We the Sisters of the Divine Feminine welcome your surrender, your honor and your devotion.

As we reflect your grandeur as the King, we are reminded of our most amazing Goddess Selves.

Worship, stillness, depth, gratitude and Love are ours to share with you.

1 Hour starts at $400