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Goddess Worship Session

Goddess worship session is created to guide and assist you to explore and to connect to the sacred root of your sexuality deep within yourself as the all-powerful magnetic, creative life-force. Living from such a powerful connection to yourself is something far superior and more deeply satisfying to body and soul than what most people currently believe sex and sexuality is about. It is through the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies within you, involving the surrender from the personal and collective male-dominated ego existence within both men and women, that wants power and control, into the balance with the "feminine" energies of being in touch with feelings, developing intuition and living from the heart of love, that this shift occurs, and allows you to live with greater ease, joy and aliveness in yourself and all your relationships.  

Since women and their particular gifts and energies have for thousands of years been held as inferior to those of men in our culture, and men who have emulated them have been scorned and ridiculed, it is no wonder that most men have steered clear of going there! However, the lack of this masculine/feminine balance within has impoverished men's ability to live and relate from a state of wholeness, including embracing and being able to know and express from the landscape of feelings. This lack of balance greatly impacts on the ability to be in fulfilling relationship with woman and with all of life itself.

It is no accident that in men there is an innate and deep desire to please and to be of service to a woman. This longing is a part of the Grand Universal Design, for it is the pathway by which men will come back to inner balance and wholeness. When the awakened Goddess accepts his sacred offerings and loving care, without an agenda other than to serve her, and bestows the full force of her shakti and pure, loving appreciation on a man, he is enabled to absorb and embody her innate feminine energies in such a way that brings about transformation and balance right through to his core.

Session Outline:

In the Goddess worship you offer to me, as the embodiment of the Goddess, your reverent attention and caring for my well being and my pleasure. First we will talk and get to know each other a little bit. I welcome and accept offerings you may gift me with, such as flowers .

  I will guide you in how to create the sacred space into which a woman can deeply relax and surrender to your touch and energy by your holding conscious, moment to moment presence, by treating her body and whole being with reverence, by asking permission as you also learn to trust your intuition, and by expressing your desires with transparency and authenticity.

 There may be a sensual bath ceremony, and I will teach you the secrets of how to touch, bathe and sensually massage a woman over her entire body in a way that deeply relaxes her, awakens her shakti, her feminine orgasmic power, and vastly increases her potential for pleasure. I absolutely love having my feet and legs stroked and gently massaged, and adore having my face stroked!

This session is an advanced one, and is by invitation only. It is absolutely unique and tailor-made. It is a co-creation we create together, with respectful honoring of both your and my unique needs, desires and wishes taken into account. Yet at the same time we surrender into the energies present, and invite ourselves to be surprised and delighted!

In tantra, a man learns to raise his consciousness along with his frequency by not ejaculating regularly. This practice is most empowering for a man when it is carried out from a position of understanding it's power, and with conscious choice. The sexually evolved man understands that the longer he holds his seed within him, the more power and energy he gathers at the core of his being. As such, when serving the Goddess from this place of high personal power of the Divine Masculine, he energetically merges with her at high frequencies, becoming an equal counterpart to the Goddess he serves, and absorbing the true masculine/feminine balancing energies. A tantric union is a very real connection based on the true expression of souls.

This session is an absolute minimum of 2 hours

and is $300 for each hour

I invite you to call or email me if you would like to arrange this session.

This is an advanced session and it is by invitation only. I will ask you some specific questions during our initial conversation which will help us both become clear if this is the session for you.